Glory Muffins

I know a woman  

Who is  




And graceful.  

I don’t know her that well,  

But I have seen her be vulnerable a time or two,  

And I absolutely know that  

She is strong, brave, and kind  

All the way through.  

I have a childhood memory  

Of muffins  

Made by this kind woman. 

Morning glory muffins.  

(Muffins make some of the best memories, don’t you agree?) 

I think that she probably made them for us around the time that my little sister Wendy was born.  

Young me didn’t even think that I liked morning glory muffins,  

Until I tried these ones.  

Soft and moist.  

Those muffins- 

They stuck with me.  

They stuck with me so well  

That fifteen years later,  

I found that I still thought about those muffins on occasion.  


I asked my kind friend if  

She remembered the muffins that I was remembering.  


She knew exactly the muffins  

Of which I spoke,  


Get this-  




(Of course she did! She is an orderly person, after all.)  

That recipe sat in my inbox for months,  

All quiet and sweet,  

Until I randomly remembered it one week while making my grocery list.  

I purchased the ingredients,  

And honestly,  

I spent that entire week looking forward to the weekend,  

Which was when I was planning to bake the muffins.  

Saturday morning finally rolled around,  

And we ate a moody-looking, yet delicious breakfast.  

Ketchup: always on the side, never on top (unless it’s a hamburger we’re talking about.) Amiright?

Thus fortified,  

I pulled out all the necessary muffin ingredients.  

I chopped and grated, and  

I measured and mixed.  

I felt extremely happy as I did these things.  

And now, here is the truth of it…  

I’m not very good at fun.  

Having fun is not a strong point of mine.  

I will happily sit with my questions and discomfort,  

And I will gladly listen to you express yours.  

I will read all the comments on controversial social media posts,  

And follow that up with some nice, melancholy poetry. 

I will sit in front of a blank word document agonizing over the emptiness of  

My brain,  

My soul,  

My stomach. (Something about empty word documents always makes me feel peckish…) 

But fun?  

Yeah… fun doesn’t come as naturally for me.  

I’ve never felt as though my life is lacking fun activities, 

But when this pandemic hit and certain parts of my life changed drastically,  

I came to realize that  

Other people had been giving me the gift of fun.  

(And I further realized that I tend to approach fun activities reluctantly and nervously.  

I am often caught off-guard when I realize that the anxiousness has receded,  

And I am just plain old having fun.)  

Oddly enough,  

This pandemic is teaching me that I can plan fun things-  

For myself and for others, too.  

I have found myself overflowing with ideas for things I’d like to do with my family and friends.  

That Saturday morning-  

Baking those morning glory muffins… 


It was just so much fun.  

And as my hands and my thoughts were busily working away,  

Light was pouring in my window  

And outside,  

People were walking and talking and laughing,  

Enjoying the life.  

And those muffins?  


They were exactly as delicious as I remembered them to be.  

It’s been about a year since our lives changed in very tangible ways, due to COVID-19. If you haven’t spent time reflecting on the ways that it has affected you, now could be a good time to do that. What losses are you grieving? What beauty has been gained? What have you learned about living well that you want to remember as we move forward? A fun thing to do is to send your chosen reflection questions to a friend, and then share your answers with each other.

The value of being able to create my own fun is just one thing that this pandemic has taught me. Next week, I plan to share about the effect that this pandemic has had on my spiritual life. At this point I just have bits and pieces flying around my head, so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes out when I sit down to write. Hehe. This’ll be fun…

Are you a natural fun-haver? How do you create fun in your life?

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  1. A whole post on muffins, and yet, said recipe is no where to be found?😕 they look so delicious. Could I have the recipe too, please ?

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