A Fifty Kilometer March

At the beginning of March, I set a goal for myself. The goal was that I had to make sure that I walked at least fifty kilometers in the month of March.  March tends to be a month where I don’t feel particularly motivated to enjoy the outdoors. You could perhaps even say that I try to avoid the outdoors during March. I thought that maybe having a goal, even if it was nothing dramatic, would help me to get outside even when I didn’t feel like it. Somehow, Ricky got involved, and the goal morphed into us needing to walk fifty kilometers together.

And with that…

We started walking.

Journal Entries from the Journey

March 1- I had a rather bad day at work and didn’t feel like doing anything except wallowing. But Ricky and I walked and talked, and I felt much lighter by the end of our walk. Decided that walking is probably the answer to all of life’s problems.

March 2- Did not want to go for a walk. Went anyways. (Marveled at how quickly the previous day’s inspiration had lost its motivational power!) While we walked, I kept reminding myself that I was choosing to have “long-term perspective”, as in, “I may not feel like walking now, but later I will be glad that I did.” It was an extremely cold and windy walk.

March 5- We caught sight of a church spire that we had never noticed before, and couldn’t picture the church that went with it. We decided to try to walk to it. We soon lost sight of it, but kept walking in the general direction. We spotted it again after we had just about given up, and it led to the beautiful St. Louis Catholic Church. Ricky’s wrists got very cold on this walk, due to slightly too-short coat sleeves. I stayed toasty because I was wearing my comfy old sweater under my winter jacket.

March 6- I went walking with my friend Tracy and her puppy Bailey at Macgregor Point. Macgregor Point is the kind of place that makes me love Canada and feel like I just want to spend more time in nature. Our walk included losing a phone, breaking through some ice, and going skating. This is a good time to acknowledge some walking buddies from this past month: Tracy, Kenton, Brenda, Renee, Joy, Meghan, and Yolanda. Because Ricky wasn’t along for these walks, I couldn’t count the kilometers that I walked with friends towards my goal. But those kilometers counted in big ways emotionally. Yes, they did.

March 12- Ricky said, “I’m so tired that all I can do is provoke.” Jasmine responded, “I’m so tired that all I can do is be provoked.” It wasn’t the happiest of walks, but it was, indeed, still a walk.

March 21– The weather was so beautiful that we got a little carried away and unexpectedly walked ten kilometers. The good news was that it got us closer to reaching our 50 km goal. The bad news was that I wore sandals. Apparently, I am too old to wear sandals on a walk. My left heel ached for the next few days, and it felt like I couldn’t put my whole weight on it. I won’t be pulling that trick again, if I can help it.

March 28- A lazy Sunday afternoon. We gathered up what meager energy we could scrape together and headed out into the gray afternoon. It was windier than we had anticipated. It was colder than we anticipated. We very quickly decided to turn around. The entire walk was .63 of a kilometer. I didn’t even feel ashamed about it. The one bright spot of the walk was seeing a pair of ducks near our apartment. Their feathers seemed considerably less ruffled by the wind and cold than ours were.

March 31- We walked our final two kilometers after I got home from work in the evening. It was a nice, low-key wrap up to our month of walking.

It was so much fun to work towards a goal together that we set another one for April. This month the goal is to bike one hundred kilometers together! It is going very well so far. It has been… enlightening. But more on that some other time…

I shall close with this question:

At what point can I expect my bike seat to feel more comfortable?

Because we’re fifty-six kilometers into our goal, and it hasn’t happened yet.

That thing is still uncomfortable.

But I’m not complaining! (One of my rules for this biking month is to not complain about biking. I’m not a huge fan of biking, so this is, unfortunately, a necessary goal.)

So I’m obviously not complaining about the bike seat comfort issue.


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7 Responses

  1. Good for you meeting this goal. 🥉My advice is to buy a gel seat for your bike if you don’t have one.💕

  2. First, I began this thinking…our walk was in April unfortunately, but apparently it wasn’t and so I got the HONOURABLE MENTION.
    Second, regard the sore heel and sandals. I wore sandals for a few days after our walk, because my very comfortable running shoes made blisters.
    Third, that walk was a delight. We should schedule another post lockdown.

    1. I just enjoyed our walk so much that I decided to include it, even though it wasn’t technically in March. 🙂 I’m all for another one sometime! Also, so sorry that your very comfortable running shoes let you down like that!

  3. I think it is great that you are journaling your goal journey. Sorry about the biking seat discomfort that lingers. I would second the advice one of your readers gave – to try a gel seat cover.

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