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Tell a complete stranger about a beloved family tradition.


One tradition that my family has is  

Eating pizza on Christmas Eve.  

This tradition is pretty important to us.  

Pizza on Christmas Eve  

Is the way it’s been  

For as long as I can remember.  

When we were kids,  

We’d pick up the pizza on the way to our grandparents’ house,  

And the van would smell  

so good,  

Like pizza and Christmas.  

One year a pizza box caught on fire.  

One year we ordered pizza and Chinese food. It was a little overwhelming, so we didn’t do that again.  

Sometimes Christmas Eve would fall on a Sunday,  

Which complicated things because-  

Hello, Mennonite family!  

So we would buy it ahead  

And reheat it on Christmas Eve.  

It was a little drier and crispier,  

But still exceptionally delicious.  

One year, on a Sunday Christmas Eve,  

We made our own pizza all together!  

That was fun. Lots of chopping and being chef-like.  

This past year, we also made our own pizza,  

Probably mostly due to some family members being on special diets right now.  

My little sister made the classiest pizza.  

It had a pesto sauce that she made herself,  

And we ate it pretty late at night because my family waited for me to finish work in Toronto and then drive to them.  

You know,  

I still think about that pizza.  

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