for ordinary people walking in wonder.

Describe yourself in the third person- your physical appearance and personality- as though you were a character in a book. 

She is the kind of person that you never know what to expect from. 

One day, friendly and talkative.  

The next, no words to offer.  

One day, confident and capable.  

The next, in tears.  

She hates drawing attention to herself,  

But sure as anything,  

Wants to be something worth paying attention to.  

One day, it feels like the entire world is within her grasp. 

The next, she feels as though she will never do any of the things she wants to do,  

And the worst part is,  

She doesn’t know if it matters to her or anyone else.  

One day, you think she’s pretty.  

The next, all you can see is crooked nose and frizzy hair.  

Her arms are so long that sometimes  

They feel unbearably heavy to her-  

Like they are about to fall off.  

She likes to dress well,  

But for some reason has a closet full of clothes that don’t suit her.  

She has high expectations for herself,  

But struggles with self-discipline,  

And these two things clash often and painfully.  

She is learning to name the problem, 

But still struggles to enforce solutions.  

She longs to consistently act as kind as her heart is,  

But isn’t always brave enough,  

Or aware enough.  

She is the kind of person you never know what to expect from.  

Like the wind.  

She is the wind,  

But wants to be more of a river,  

Or a star,  

Or a sky,  

Or a…  

Oh, let’s just be honest.  

She wants to be  


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