Send Out Your Spirit

You started the springs and rivers,

Oh, God.

You set them free to flow.

We are wild animals,

Roaming, skittish, defensive.

We come to your water,

Aching with thirst,

And we make ourselves small and soft at Your edge.




It is luxurious.

It is a feast.

It is You.

We gather around You.

You open your hand.

We eat.

If you take back your Spirit,

We wither back to clay.

Send out your Spirit,

And we bloom and blossom.

It is almost too beautiful to be true-

That such blossoms can form.

But it is


We look to You expectantly,

And we are not ashamed.

We are your children.

We are royalty.

Dependant and wild,

Small and loved,


This post was inspired by Psalm 104: 24-30.

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