Endings and Beginnings

December was a lovely and full month for me. There was lots of work and stress, but also so many beautiful and fun moments. One night, at the beginning of the month, I sat in the park looking across a foot-printed field. It felt like God was resting in the hollow of each and every […]

Waiting and Singing

Advent begins soon. It feels right. The darkness comes so early these days. We scramble to go for walks before supper so that we can be out in the chill light for a least a little bit. We bundle up- ALL the way up (snow pants included, because we care more about warmth than looking […]


Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. I could try to explain, but mainly, I’d just like to quote my brother-in-law, Rolin Martin, upon the re-starting of his podcast (Everyday Expertise) after a break:  “We’re back.” I admit that I don’t quite know how to re-enter this world, but I know that I want […]

The Ladder: A Compilation

This spring, as I read, I recorded the phrases and sentences that stood out to me. Out of curiosity, I arranged them into one poem, just to see what would emerge. It certainly doesn’t have a perfect train of thought, but I still like it. To me, it tells a story of falling apart and […]

Stones and Dust

I awake on the Morning of my Sabbath, Exhausted. Worn out with loneliness. Breathing hard with the wear of feeling like nothing is changing, like I am doing the days but they are heading in no particular direction. Tired from the horrible ways people talk to each other online. I lie on my couch Nearly […]

What Does Writer’s Block Feel Like?

{PROMPT: What does writer’s block feel like?} Ugh. I despise when writers write about writer’s block. If you don’t have anything to write about, you should just be quiet. But here I am. I have writer’s block, And the only thing left to write about Is the block itself. HOW HORRIBLY CHEESY. (And what’s worse […]

A Fifty Kilometer March

At the beginning of March, I set a goal for myself. The goal was that I had to make sure that I walked at least fifty kilometers in the month of March.  March tends to be a month where I don’t feel particularly motivated to enjoy the outdoors. You could perhaps even say that I […]

The Small Peak of the Mountain

Remember that time that I said I was going to write about what I have been learning in my spiritual life over the course of this strange Covid year? Well, it took longer than I expected to get the right words out. But here they are. I’m not convinced that they’re all the “right words”, […]

Glory Muffins

I know a woman   Who is   Gentle,   Quiet,   Orderly,   And graceful.   I don’t know her that well,   But I have seen her be vulnerable a time or two,   And I absolutely know that   She is strong, brave, and kind   All the way through.   I have a childhood memory   Of muffins   Made by this kind woman.  Morning glory muffins.   […]

And the Winner is…

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in my little giveaway here! I can’t even describe how thoroughly I enjoyed reading the lessons that you all shared. This morning I wrote out each of your names, prayed a thankful little prayer for each of you and the wisdom you bring to this […]